Scottish poetry books 2010 RSS feed for public list Scottish poetry books 2010 15 autograph letters / by Graham, W. S., A bob o daffins = by McDonald, John A conversation with Ruth Pitter / by McKean, Thomas A. A peedie potpourri / by Bissett, Norman About time, too / by Jones, Vivien Always boats and men / by Martin, Angus, An altitude within / by MacGillivray, Alan Ancient and now : by Donati, Colin, At the Loch of the Green Corrie / by Greig, Andrew, Being here : by Pick, J. B (John Barclay), Beyond the last dragon : by McGonigal, James, Carry a poem : Carry a poem : Charles Bukowski : by Sounes, Howard Cluds haud by = by McDonald, John Collected verses / by Gray, Alasdair, Dancing in the dark : by Kreitman, Norman, Dancing with Big Eunice : by Findlay, Alistair, Derk brooch : by McDonald, John. Dirty looks / by Follon, Cheryl, Down from the dance = by Rabatski, Maggie Dreams and other nightmares : by Morgan, Edwin, Drum of stone : by Ak'abal, Humberto, Drumpellier Loch : by O'Rourke, Kathleen. Eddie @ 90 / Father Allan : Figure in a landscape / by Crowe, Anna, Grace notes 1959 / by Carruth, Jim, Held / by Burns, Elizabeth, Highlands and islands : Holding close / by Prior-Pitt, Pauline How to wire a life for love / by Bassett, Liz Hoy Moor & Brae : Identity parade : Images not icons : by Duncan, Lesley In and out of the dark wood / by Page, Jeremy In the world of perhaps / by Young, Alan, Isle o the deid : by Blackhall, Sheena, It takes you a lifetime to become yourself : by Carmichael, Kay Jumping off points / by McKie, Jane Irina Love poems / by Duffy, Carol Ann, Mañana attitude : by Carter, Nicole Mathematics with words / by Carter, Nicole Memory's daughter / by Major, Alice Milk to mercury : by Aberdein, John Milne Graden poems / by Robertson, Laurna Moon cakes and hinney : by Blackhall, Sheena, No biography : by Hill, Alan On a creative note : On the governing of empires / by Paterson, Alasdair Poems and sangs : Poems chiefly in a botanical dialect : by West, Roger Poet McGonagall : by Watson, Norman Publishing poetry : by Steven, Kenneth C., Punch / by Ford, David, Reading Hölderlin on Orkney / by Gilonis, Harry Reading the streets / by Cockburn, Ken, Red dust road / by Kay, Jackie, Robert Burns in time and place / by Jarvie, Frances Scarecrows / by Stone, Jon Scissors paper stone / by Wilson, Gina Selected poems / by Imlah, Mick, Selected poems / by Pitter, Ruth, Sense picnic : by Pitman, Monica. Shale voices : by Findlay, Alistair, Slaw watter : by McDonald, John Slow airs and jigs / by Thomson, Margaret Small expectations / by Murray, Donald S., Songs from the heart & elsewhere / by Wright, Beverly F. Stone and sea / by Downie, Morgan Stories older than the world / by Robertson, Niall McA Strange lights over Bexleyheath : by Harding, Mike, The assassination museum / by Jackson, Andy, The bonny gemme / by Douglas, Bill Torrie The breakfast room / by Conn, Stewart, The Caledonian anaconda : by Blackhall, Sheena, The correspondence between Hugh MacDiarmid and Sorley MacLean : by MacDiarmid, Hugh, The deer path to my door / by Loose, Gerry, The Edinburgh companion to Muriel Spark / The Edinburgh companion to Robert Louis Stevenson / The floorshow at the Mad Yak café / by Will, Colin D. The HappenStance story : by Nelson, Helena The history of Orkney literature / by Hall, Simon W. The lady of the lake / by Scott, Walter, The losing game / by Bailey, R. V. The lost garden / by McMillan, Hugh, The man who forgot how to : by Fulton, Graham, The manager / by Vaughan-Williams, Robin The many days : by MacCaig, Norman, The men of Bannockburn / The mink : by Blackhall, Sheena, The pleasures of the damned : by Bukowski, Charles, The poem goes to prison : The shard box / by Niven, Liz, The skreich : by Blackhall, Sheena, The storm nursery : by Blackhall, Sheena, The thief / by Andrews, Gill The wrecking light / by Robertson, Robin, Thirty pieces / by Gillougley, Frank Tick tock : by Blackhall, Sheena, Tree : Unthinkable skies / by Wilson, Juliet What they say about you / by Gibbons, Eddie Who's in the next room ? : by Hardy, Thomas, Who's who in Scotland. Willow pattern / by McMillan, Hugh, Wittins / by Blackhall, Sheena, Writing poetry : by Steven, Kenneth C., Writing poetry / by Herbert, W. N., Yin yang man : by Dickson, Alan J.,